Dust Devil BB Pellets

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Dust Devil BB Pellets
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12 units


Model:  14041

Pellets are only sold if you are over 18 years of age

Dust Devil Frangible BBs, 1,500 ct.

The World's First Frangible BB!

While other BBs dangerously bounce and ricochet off targets, Dust Devils shatter on impact! Using a special alloy blend, these lead-free rounds leave a wisp of powder instead of steel headed back your way when shooting metal targets.
Weighing in at a light 4.35 grains, Dust Devils are 10% faster than traditional steel BBs.
Each box folds into a funnel to make reloads fast and easy, and holds 1,500 BBs for months of shooting fun.

Leave Ricochets in the Dust with Dust Devil BBs!

Shatters on Impact with metal targets
10% Faster than Steel BBs
4.35 grain

Made in the USA!

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